Clinics Registration Form 2018

Bobby Woods Sports

The Shore Baseball and Softball Clinic will teach the following:

Instruction will include effective hitting; types of bats; selecting a bat for control; stance; position in the box; knowing the strike zone; the hitting swing; confidence; stride; rotating the hips; follow through; proper mental attitude; hitting the ball where it is pitched; meeting the ball; hitting the ball to the opposite field; pulling the ball; breaking a hitting slump; head, shoulder and eye discipline; weight transfer; rhythm; and drills for hitters.

Participants will learn bunting stances, bunting techniques, and the types of bunts and basic tips about bunting.

Base Running
The clinic will emphasize speed and aggressiveness; running to first base; the lead off; getting the lead; taking off; how to run; as well as practice tips and reminders for the base runner.

In addition to the essentials of pitching, instruction will include grip; correct spin; the fast ball; wind-up; the pivot; weight retention; leg kick; rotation; thrust; stride; arm angles; arm and wrist action; release; follow through; control; proper mental attitude; hiding the ball; and protecting the arm from injury.

The important aspects of catching will be taught including the type of glove; giving signals; stance; target; holding the hand; receiving; handling the low pitch; throwing; correct grip; shifting and throwing; tagging the runner; catching the pop fly; fielding the bunt; covering and backing up cut offs; working with pitchers; the relationship with the umpire; rules for working on the batter; and practice tips and drills for after the clinic.

The First Baseman
Participants will learn how to get to the bag; footwork; catching the ball; how to handle bunts; throwing to second base; teaming with the pitcher; pop flies; holding the runner on; breaking in the glove; and first baseman drills.

The Second Baseman
Instruction will emphasize stance; basic fielding positions; fielding slow rollers; fielding a ground ball; going far to the right or left; catching the ball; making the throws; tagging the runners; fielding fly balls; covering and backing up; the infielders mental attitude; and drills and practice tips.

The Shortstop
Participants will be instructed about the essentials of stance; playing the hitter; fielding ground balls coming in for a slow roller; going to the right and left; making the double play; getting to the base; the pivot and throws; giving signs; tagging the runner; catching op flies; and tips and drills.

The Third Baseman
There will be concentration on stance; playing the hitters, fielding a ground ball; throwing; bunt situations; the cut off; plays at third; practice tips and drills.

The Outfielders
Instruction will include the essentials of out-fielding including stance; playing the hitters; calling for the ball; getting the jump on a fly ball; catching fly balls; fielding ground balls; throwing the ball; as well as drills, practice tips and other outfielder tips.

Besides the major emphasis on hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, and confidence building at the clinic, a game will be played each day for three different age groups so the players can practice their new skills. Refreshments will be served daily.

All participants will also receive a Shore Baseball and Softball Clinic hat. On the last day of the clinics, students will receive notes on hitting drills, as well as a copy of Bobby Woods’ 75-minute DVD, titled “Mom, Can you Teach Me How To Hit?”, featuring Woods demonstrating 20 hitting drills and 21 aspects of hitting.If you received Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit? at a prior clinic you will receive a different instructional video






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